Attendance and punctuality updates for parents – March 2017

We are introducing new procedures to encourage students to maintain or improve their attendance and punctuality to the Academy from Easter 2017.

Attendance and Punctuality rewards Attendance and Punctuality sanctions
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  • Any student who has 100% attendance in any week will be entered for a prize draw. 15 students a week will be picked from a hat and will each receive a £5 voucher (prize money available each week is £75)


  • There will be 100 FREE breakfasts available to students who arrive in school up to 8.30 am. There will be a choice of hot breakfast foods (toast, bacon/sausage butty, tea, coffee or juice)

Parents will be informed by text when a student has achieved 100% and has been entered for the draw.

Students have also been designing posters to promote attendance and punctuality and could be in with a chance of winning a share of up to £50.


  • Students who have attendance of less than 97% will be put on an attendance plan with their tutor
  • Students who have attendance that is 90% or below will be referred to the Education and Welfare Officer


  • Students who have 2 or more lates in one week will result in a detention. The detention will be 10 minutes at break.
  • If the break-time detention is missed it will be 20 minutes at lunchtime.
  • If the lunchtime detention is missed it will be 30 minutes after school.
  • If the after school detention is missed it will be an Internal Exclusion the following day and one hour after school.

A list of students who are in detention will be published each day on the door of the detention room to inform staff and students. Parents will be informed by text.

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