Head of Faculty: Richard Whitehouse


The maths department is passionate about delivering a comprehensive and engaging maths curriculum to each student. We strive to not simply educate with the intention of gaining as many qualifications as possible but to produce young men and women who will value the skills and opportunities that new learning brings them throughout their life.

Maths education at ASAP is so much more than the acquisition of knowledge. Teachers and students become collaborators in learning – with the teacher leveraging the power of the student, seeking new knowledge alongside students, and modelling positive habits of mind alongside new ways of thinking and learning.

Future employers, worth working for, will want employees capable of flexible thinking, creative problem solving as well as being able to work in a fluid group effectively.

That’s what we strive to deliver.


Key Stage 3 - (Y7-8)

Students study 6 week modules, in ability groups, with the aim of mastering the key skills of the topic. A variety of teaching methods are deployed in lessons including regular group work alongside individual work.

Students are formally assessed each fortnight and are given specific feedback, and time to respond, on what they need to do to further improve their maths knowledge. The more able students are entered for the United Kingdom Maths Trust (UKMT) maths challenge ( and all students are invited to attend a lunch time maths club.

Key Stage 4 - (Y9-11)

Students study the Edexcel GCSE in ability groups.

At the end of Y10 most students are entered for a Statistics GCSE to give students the experience of sitting a formal qualification. Throughout KS4 students are formally assessed regularly and given specific feedback, and time to respond, on what they need to do to further improve their maths knowledge. Additional online resources to support, challenge and extend are available via our own YouTube channel. As in KS3, more able students are entered for the UKMT challenge (

Key Stage 5 - (Y12-13)

From September 2016 students will study a 2 year Edexcel A Level. Currently, the specification is still being developed so specific details are not yet available. However, as in KS3 and KS4, students will have their work regularly assessed and will be required to respond to the marking that they are given.

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