‘Ready to Learn’ behaviour policy – June 2017

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The information below outlines our new behaviour policy. Please read carefully and ask for clarification if you are unsure of anything that is stated.

‘Red Cards’ – Social times and preparation for learning

For breaking any of these rules a 20-minute after school detention will be served in the RTLC the same day (for homework red cards, this will be completed with your class teacher). Detention lists can be checked at the Academy shop and the bottom floor of the Brunel building. Failure to turn up to your detention will result in 24 hours in the RTLC

  1. Late to school
  2. Missing key school equipment with no note from their tutor
  3. Failure to complete homework
  4. Running indoors
  5. Taking hot food/hot drinks out of the canteen and into the building or eating/drinking in the corridors
  6. Shouting/Swearing indoors
  7. Leaving/dropping litter anywhere other than in the bins
  8. Pushing/shoving in corridors or the lunch queue
  9. Being in another year group’s area at break/lunch
  10. Incorrect uniform with no note from the Head of Year/tutor

‘Ready to Learn’ rules – in the classroom

You will be given a warning the first time that you break any of these rules. If you break any of these rules for a second time, you will be sent to the RTLC. You will have 5 minutes to get there, if you do not go, you may be excluded. The RTLC lasts 1 school day from when you were sent, and includes a 1 hour after school detention. Home will be contacted.

  1. Arrive on time, usually within three minutes, and by the second bell at the start of the day, after break, and after lunch (A 5-minute movement bell will sound for these times). An orderly entry and exit must be ensured.
  2. Always try your best and be positive.
  3. Start work as soon as instructed by the member of staff.
  4. Listen respectfully when others are talking – there should be no calling out or interrupting.
  5. Keep ‘off-task’ conversations for social times only.
  6. Follow all seating arrangements.
  7. Focus on your own work and do not distract the learning of others.
  8. Stay in your seat unless instructed otherwise by a member of staff.
  9. Don’t eat, drink or chew gum (water is allowed, if the teacher permits it) and put all litter in the bin.
  10. Speak to all staff and other students with respect.

Serious Misbehaviours

There will be no warning for any of these misbehaviours – you will be removed and go straight to the RTLC and may be excluded.

  1. Swearing at or about a member of staff
  2. Violence, aggressive or intimidating behaviour
  3. Unsafe or dangerous behaviour.
  4. Racist/disablist/sexualised incidents
  5. Deliberate damage to property or equipment (includes setting off the fire alarm)

Academy rules

These rules apply across the Academy and must be always be adhered to. For any of these misbehaviours you will go straight to the RTLC and may be excluded or permanently excluded. For A2 – phone confiscation, if this is your first offence, you will stay in lessons, but your phone will be confiscated and can be collected at the end of the school day from main reception.

  1. Defiance / Refusal to hand over mobile phone whilst in RTLC
  2. Mobile phone confiscation
  3. Failure to attend lunch time detention
  4. Verbal/Physical abuse of staff
  5. Exam / Test misconduct
  6. Truancy/wandering (without a note)
  7. Violent/dangerous/threatening behaviour
  8. Possession / use of alcohol or drugs
  9. Possession / carrying a weapon/dangerous item on to school site
  10. Poor behaviour travelling to/from school
  11. Deliberate damage/theft of property
  12. Smoking/Vaping
  13. Bullying/prejudicial language
  14. Obtaining 5 red cards in 1 school week

The above rules apply to you as a student at All Saints Academy Plymouth. They are in place to ensure that you maximise your learning, become an outstanding citizen and ‘be the best that you can be’. Any member of staff at All Saints Academy has the right to address and apply sanctions for the above rules.

These rules apply to all students at ‘All Saints Academy Plymouth’ and will start on Monday 3rd July 2017.

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