Anne Spackman, Chief Executive of Career Ready

“The job market is now much more complicated and young people no longer have to climb a career ladder; they have to navigate a career scaffold.”
“We know that regular contact with employers can open a young person’s eyes to the range of careers available and the skills and attitude needed to get started. We are leading the way in putting employer engagement at the heart of careers education in schools and colleges.”
“The success of the programme is evident in how proud our students are to describe themselves as ‘Career Ready’”
“What you are doing in Plymouth, as pioneers, is spreading across the country. Employers coming in to schools and taking students in to their workplace as a form of careers education was novel. And now, such has been your success, this is now the way careers education will be delivered across England. All Saints Church of England Academy should take great pleasure and pride in the sense that you were out there, before others, doing something that is now thought of as the best way to deliver careers education. We know that All Saints Church of England Academy is one of the best run Career Ready programmes in the country.”
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Chief Executive
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