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“Being part of the Career Ready programme for the past 3 years I have seen the multiple benefits for both the student and employer. As an employer, each year we have gained an active and enthusiastic colleague for the 6-week internship who has gained in confidence during their time with us. This programme gives the student experience in a working environment and also exposure to the types of work they have shown an interest in.”
“In addition to the internship we are actively involved in the mentoring programme and see the development of the student over the period whilst also offering support and advice in respect of their studies”

Vernon DuPreez, Credit Controller, Foot Anstey Solicitors

“I am now mentoring my second student and it’s a privilege to be involved. The increase in confidence and professionalism of the student cohort over the course of the year is humbling to see. ”
“I was looking for an opportunity to develop my mentoring and coaching skills and the scheme fitted the bill perfectly. I also realised that with my background of working in a range of sectors, both public and private, that I had the opportunity to share some of my knowledge and experiences with my mentees”
“The scheme is very well designed and provides mentors with structured supporting information and topic areas to explore that supplement the masterclasses that the students attend. During our regular discussions, we cover topics such as career pathways, interview preparation and university applications. I have supported my students by conducting mock interviews, providing feedback on personal statements and encouraging them to think more widely as to how they can identify opportunities or solve problems using their own initiative. Additionally, I was able to put my first student in contact with the right people within Plymouth Hospitals Trust to arrange a rewarding work placement on one of our Maternity Wards.”
“I would recommend others to become involved in the scheme as it is not only very rewarding but it will help you develop your mentoring and coaching skills. The time commitment is not onerous but the impact you will make for your student will be enormous.”

Neil Hammacott, Head of Service Improvement, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

“I have been a career mentor for 4 years and have worked with a number of young people who have progressed onto careers or started their own businesses. I personally get a great deal of satisfaction from being able to do my bit. I have worked in the military, ran my own business, been a firefighter and now I support the development of my organisations apprenticeship programs. Sharing my experiences is a great way to help others. Every student I have had has been different in many ways and not any 2 have had the same inspirations, I enjoy being general with my guidance and never try to influence, it’s so important that the students find their own way at the same time as being guided.”
“If you have the time and your like supporting people through their career development I would highly recommend becoming a mentor, it give you that nice warm feel good feeling inside that nobody else can see”

Kenneth Holder, Talent Advisor, Plymouth City Council

“I decided to become a Career Ready Mentor as I was impressed by the scheme and the quality of the visits and master classes for participants. This activity, together with the support of the mentor ensures that young people are aware of the qualities and attributes that businesses are looking for and helps them to gain the insights and experience that will guide their future choices”

Elaine Budd, Prensus Ltd, Consultancy and Project Management

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