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L2 BTEC Travel & Tourism 21474E
L3 Cambridge Technical in IT unit 1 584001
GCSE Religious Studies 5RS01
Mon 15 May  
GCSE French Listening & Reading
46551 46552
Tues 16 May  
GCE MEI Mathematics 4751/01
Wed 17 May GCSE Religious Studies 5RS08
L3 Cambridge Technical in IT unit 2 584002
  Thurs 18 May L3 Cambridge Technical in Business unit 1 583501
GCSE Spanish Listening & Reading
46951 46952
Fri 19 May GCSE Physical Education 48903
GCSE English Literature 8702/1 Mon 22 May GCSE Geography SDM B561
GCSE Business 5AB02
GCE MEI Mathematics 4766/01
Wed 24 May GCSE Biology B731
GCSE Core Science B711
GCSE Mathematics 1MA1/1
GCSE Mathematics 1MAO/1
Thurs 25 May  
GCSE English Literature 8702/2 Fri 26 May  
GCSE History 5HA01/01 Mon 5 June  
GCSE English Language 8700/1 Tues 6 June GCSE Geography B563
GCSE German Listening & Reading 46651 46652
GCE MEI Mathematics 4752/01
GCSE Computing A451
Wed 7 June L3 Cambridge Technical in Health & Social Care
unit 4 583104
GCE Psychology H567/01
GCSE Mathematics 1MA1/2
GCSE Mathematics 1MAO/2
Thurs 8 June  
GCE History 9H10/1G
GCSE Core Science B712
GCSE Chemistry B741
Fri 9 June GCSE Music 42701
GCSE English Language 8700/2 Mon 12 June GCE Biology H420/01
L2 Cambridge Nationals in Health & Social Care R021
GCSE Mathematics 1MA1/3
Tues 13 June GCE Chemistry H432/01
GCSE Catering 4732
GCSE Additional Science B721
GCSE Physics B751
Wed 14 June GCE Psychology H567/02
GCSE History 5HA02/2A
GCE Physics H556/01
GCE English Literature 7712/1
Thurs 15 June  
GCE History 9H10/2G
GCSE Additional Science B722
GCSE Biology B732
Fri 16 June GCE MEI Mathematics 4761/01
GCE Chemistry H432/02
GCSE Chemistry B742
Mon 19 June  
GCE Biology H420/02
GCSE History 5HA03/3A
Tues 20 June GCE MEI Mathematics 4753/01
GCSE Physics B752
GCE Physics H556/02
GCE History 9H10/36
Wed 21 June  
GCE English Literature 7712/2B
GCSE Statistics 5ST1
Thurs 22 June GCE Psychology H567/03
GCE MEI Mathematics 4754/01 Fri 23 June  
GCE Biology H420/03
GCSE D&T Product Design 45551
Mon 26 June  
GCE Chemistry H432/03 Tues 27 June  
GCE Physics H556/03 Thurs 29 June  
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