Nightingale House is named after the World’s most famous nurse. Commonly known as the ‘Lady with the lamp’, Florence Nightingale.

She saved many lives during the Crimean War in 1854, with her team of nurses. This was the first time nurses had been sent to war and prior to her arrival death rates were high, due to the unhygienic conditions.

With her nurses Florence set about making sure hospitals were clean; ensuring sewerage was treated and food was not contaminated. This in addition to her normal duties looking after wounded soldiers.

At night Florence walked around the wards, to make sure the injured men were comfortable. She sat with dying soldiers. She wrote letters home for men who could not write. She carried a lantern, so the soldiers called her 'The Lady with the Lamp'

The Nightingale Head of House is Mr Tom Goodman. He leads a team of experienced tutors who instil the high expectations of the Academy, while at the same time providing support and pastoral care. The tutor is the first point of contact with the students each day, and likewise should be your first port of call when contacting the Academy. Our vertical tutor system is designed so that your child will have the same tutor throughout their time at All Saints Academy. The idea is that you, your child and their tutor can develop a positive relationship, and by working together we can build the foundations of learning, an abundance of opportunities and a future which offers a range of options.

Nightingale 1 – Mr Lucas
Nightingale 2 – Mrs Casey
Nightingale 3 – Mr Leonard
Nightingale 4 – Mr Raymont
Nightingale 5 – Miss Pocula
Nightingale 6 – Miss Harborne
Nightingale 7 – Mrs Clench
Florence Nightingale
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