William Shakespeare

The Shakespeare Head of House is Mrs Lidington; she leads a team of experienced tutors who instil the high expectations of the Academy, while at the same time providing support and pastoral care.

The tutor is the first point of contact with the students each day, and likewise should be your first port of call when contacting the Academy. Our vertical tutor system is designed so that your child will have the same tutor throughout their time at All Saints Academy. The idea is that you, your child and their tutor can develop a positive relationship, and that by working together we can build the foundations of learning, an abundance of opportunities and a future which offers a range of options.

The Shakespeare tutors, along with contact details are as follows;

Shakespeare 1 – Mrs Fletcher
Shakespeare 2 – Mrs Taljaard
Shakespeare 3 – Miss Barrett
Shakespeare 4 – Mr Cowin
Shakespeare 5 – Miss Hayward
Shakespeare 6 – Miss Bennet
Shakespeare 7 – Miss Davis

All 5 houses at All Saints Academy are named after inspirational British people.

Shakespeare house is suitably named after the English poet, playwright and actor, William Shakespeare (1564-1616). He is often considered the greatest writer in the English language, and is generally regarded as England’s national poet, the «Bard of Avon».

Shakespeare wrote around 38 plays and over 150 sonnets and poems. His plays have been translated into many languages and are performed more often than those of any other playwright. Shakespeare’s works include such famous plays as Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and Othello.

Born in Stratford-upon-Avon, William was the son of an alderman and glover, John Shakespeare. After his marriage to Anne Hathaway at the age of 18, they later had 3 children, of which only 2 daughters survived. His son, Hamnet passed away at the age of 8.

William Shakespeare left Stratford to reside in London, where he became an actor, playwright and part owner of a playing company. The company, of which Shakespeare was listed as the lead actor, built its own theatre ‘The Globe’, on the south bank of the Thames, where his plays were performed. A replica of this theatre can be found in London today, in the same area of Southwark where the building originally stood. Shakespeare’s plays are still performed there in the Elizabethan manner.

In later life Shakespeare returned to Stratford and resided in New Place, the second largest house in Stratford, where he died aged 52.

Willian Shakespeare
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